Development of the closet with sliding doors (here known as the American closet) is one of our main activities. What makes our American closets special is hidden slide system (villes 2000, Italian production), which is achieved by providing doors from floor to ceiling, without any upper and lower mask. The system is designed so that it is practically silent.
       Door panels can be of one or more segments, where these segments can also be made of different materials (Plywood, glass, mirror, wallpaper ...). It is possible to only your unique choice of motifs for the door.In this case, we need to attach a photo (preferably in HD), which we printed on the foil and transfer to the glass.
      Doors may have vertical and horizontal strips that are sandblasted aluminum. Also, the door can be performed without bars, where they can increase the thickness (max 36mm). In this way, the panels form a cleaner fit and contemporary look. Following the golden rule of good design "less is more", the latter particularly recommend to you.










Namestaj Americki plakar M-1

Americki plakari sa segmentnim universkim frontovima

Namestaj Americki plakar M-2

Americki plakari od lakiranog stakla i univera

Namestaj Americki plakar M-3

Americki plakari od lakiranog stakla i univera

Namestaj Americki plakar M-4

Americki plakari sa frontovima u raznim bojama

Namestaj Americki plakar M-5

Americki plakari i kombinacija univera i lakiranog stakla

Namestaj Americki plakar M-6

Americki plakari sa ogledalima u kombinaciji sa univerom

Namestaj Americki plakar M-7

Americki plakari i kombinacija dva razlicita drvna dezena univera

Namestaj Americki plakar M-8

Americki plakari i kombinacija drvnog i jednobojnog dezena

Namestaj Americki plakar M-9

Americki plakari zebrano dezen u kombinaciji sa aluminijumskim lajsnama

Namestaj Americki plakar M-10

Americki plakari sa kombinacijom tapete i stakla u srednjem segmentu

Namestaj Americki plakar M-11

Americki plakari sa kombinacijom lakiranog stakla i univera u varijanti od zida do zida.

Namestaj Americki plakar M-12

Americki plakari sa kompleksnom multisegmentnom kombinacijom aluminijuma, stakla i univera.

Namestaj Americki plakar M-13

Americki plakari sa dvobojnom, trokrilnom kombinacijom.

Namestaj Americki plakar M-14

Americki plakari sa segmentima od peskiranog stakla unutar universkih ramova.

Namestaj Americki plakar M-15

Americki plakari sa frontovima u kombinaciji medijapan/staklo