Poslovanje KRONER  radionice bazira se na politici  da je izlazak u susret klijentu imperativ za uspešnu saradnju. Stoga Vam omogućavamo da odaberete željeni komad nameštaja iz naše ponude ili da kao idejno rešenje  posluži vaš izvor (časopisi, internet, fotografija…). Cena za takav komad nameštaja se ne razlikuje od cene nameštaja iz naše standardne ponude. Pozovite nas i proverite.

Poverenje kod klijenata izgradili smo na osnovu:
1) razumevanja vasih želja i potreba        
2) Iskustva i stručnosti
3) Kvaliteta materijala, opreme i usluga
4)  Pristupačnih cena
Ukažite nam poverenje i budite sigurni da ćemo ispuniti svaki od navedenih uslova.


        Dear customers, "Kroner" is a workshop that manufactures and installs furniture, designed and built to specification for a particular area, while respecting your wishes and needs.  Taking into account a wide variety of materials, designs and colors, high quality and extensive experience in development (since 1996.), products that are in front of you allows you to equip your space according to modern standards.
        There are several reasons why we believe you will trust us to point out, ahead of other similar manufacturers. In the first place is the very choice of a given piece of furniture. We offer you the opportunity to be on offer from our already-built furniture, which is one of the sites shown in the gallery. In addition, we offer you the option of making furniture from some of your sources (the piece that you have seen it somewhere, photos from any source, etc ...), where the cost is the same in both cases.
         Another important thing that will determine your choice are the costs. We value your money and confidence, and we therefore offer special opportunities. Kroner workshop does not deal with serial production of furniture, but furniture manufactured according to special specifications of a particular space and environment.However, the prices of our products (which are in many cases unique copies), are fully competitive with products from serial production, while giving effect to your space is very different. 
       Finally, one of the major benefits is the ability to create 3D computer models of a particular furniture. In this way, you provided a detailed insight into the look of furniture (with the possibility of combining colors, patterns and different lighting effects), prior to implementation. For any questions or advice related to design, we offer you the architect in charge. He coming out to the field and at your disposal. If you have any questions or issues for future cooperation, please contact us and see why over 70% of clients come to us by recommendation.


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