Poslovanje KRONER  radionice bazira se na politici  da je izlazak u susret klijentu imperativ za uspešnu saradnju. Stoga Vam omogućavamo da odaberete željeni komad nameštaja iz naše ponude ili da kao idejno rešenje  posluži vaš izvor (časopisi, internet, fotografija…). Cena za takav komad nameštaja se ne razlikuje od cene nameštaja iz naše standardne ponude. Pozovite nas i proverite.

Poverenje kod klijenata izgradili smo na osnovu:
1) razumevanja vaših želja i potreba        
2) Iskustva i stručnosti
3) Kvaliteta materijala, opreme i usluga
4)  Pristupačnih cena
Ukažite nam poverenje i budite sigurni da ćemo ispuniti svaki od navedenih uslova.



       The basic motto of which we are guided in our work is - the quality is the best advertisement.Consequently, important components are the materials from which our products are made ​​(Plywood, MDF, veneered MDF, worktops, glass, mirrors, plexiglass, Lexan, films, fittings, etc..).
PLYWOOD - the most common material in making of laminated furniture. Different manufacturers offer different plywood quality . The quality of plywood depends primarily on the :
1. presence of paraffin in mixture (moisture resistance)
2. foil resistance to abrasion
3. types of wood (wood that has natural resin is easier, more resistant to moisture, and therefore the material lighter and more resistant to moisture)
4. different density and hardness of compressed layers (affecting the fineness of cut)
"Kroner" do not use plywood from manufacturers that do not meet standards listed above!

MDF (medium density fiber) - material that serves as industrial substitute for the wood. Occurs by pressing finely ground wood fiber. Online you can find high-grade MDF (firmly pressed by pre-prepared surface for painting), and raw MDF (less density pressing, without the final enriched layer ).
 "Kroner" does not use raw MDF!
VENEERED MDFMDF of different thicknesses, coated with natural wood."Kroner" offers both a standard range of veneers (walnut, oak, ash, cherry, beech, maple, etc..), and also exotic veneer (calvados - Greek apples, wenge, zebrano, teak, mahogany, American walnut and the like. )
GLASS AND MIRRORS - particularly wide range of processing of these products (polished, sandblasted, painted, smoked, curved, brushed with a motif, etc.). and their use in making furniture. Glasses of excellent quality are crystal glass (good transparency, thickness uniformity, defect-free surface).
"Kroner" uses crystal quality glass.

FITTINGS - elements that serve to connect parts of furniture and allow the mechanics (slider systems, windows, elevators, Pullers, retarders, push systems, joints, hinges, frames, moldings, etc.). From their quality depends on the particular quality of the furniture, which will tell anyone who is professionally engaged in this business. Fittings that "Kroner" fittings are installed by reputable manufacturers (FGV, Blumm, Hafele ...), which not only the brand but also from ourselves proven through many years of practice.
It should be noted that the cost of our products is absolutely competitive and market conditions adapted to any applicable. Using a quality materials not only provide a better final product, but also significantly reduce the length of a fabrication and assembly time and costs. On the other hand, if we take into consideration that there is no better advertising then the recommendations, it is understandable why we designed every piece of furniture in the field brings in new clients. "Kroner" found his interest in the quality of what you'll convince yourself.